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Lots of people contact Clare and ask for her help.

Although asking for help is a hugely significant step for a Clutterholic or Hoarder, it doesn't necessarily mean that the person is ready or prepared for what's going to be needed to undertake the Clutter Clearing 7 Step Programme.

Here's a useful check-list to make sure you're really ready to Clear your Clutter.


I have at least 3 rooms or areas that are cluttered and have been cluttered for a minimum of a year


I have paperwork clutter


I accept that I am going to have to change my habits if I want to clear and control my clutter


I'm willing and able to commit a minimum of two half days week to working on my Clutter Clearing


I accept that this is going to take time to complete every step in the programme - on average 12 - 18 months


Although I am impatient to clear my clutter, I accept that following this programme and knowing I will be completely clutter free in 12 - 18 months time is actually very fast, given how long I've had my clutter


I'm ready to face my fear of succeeding - and start my journey to a clutter free home and life anyway


I know there will be times on this programme where I feel like giving up, that I can't do it and that it's easier to stay cluttered, but I will ask for help when I feel like that


I'm ready to take advice from Clare, even when I don't necessarily understand or agree with it


Even though I don't understand or know everything yet, I will not let my perfectionism, or need to know everything before I start, stop me from getting started on my Journey


I'm ready to learn how to make decisions about my clutter myself rather than expecting someone else to tell me what to do


Able to say 'yes' to all of the above - even if it's a hesitant yes?!

Remember: You don't have to believe that the 7 Step Programme will work for you when you start it. You just have to be willing to commit the time and effort to giving it a go.

Start your Clutter Clearing Journey Today

Hundreds of Clutterholics and Hoarders use Clutter Clearing to Successfully Clear their Clutter WITHOUT an expensive home visit.

The all new 7 Step Journey has been designed so that you can take one step at a time on your Journey and fit your Clutter Clearing around your life.


It's been tested by over 100 clutterholics over the last 2 years.


By taking 7 step at a time you'll build your knowledge, confidence and experience slowly and surely, giving you all the information and tools you need to clear your clutter, transform your home and become Clutter Free - Forever.


Are you ready to start your Clutter Clearing Journey NOW?

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