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If you've ever tried to clear your clutter before, you've probably tried one (or all) of the following methods:

NOTE: If you recognise yourself in any of the methods that are listed, GOOD NEWS - you're perfectly normal and you CAN clear your clutter.


Having a Blitz - a day, a weekend or more going through your stuff and being ruthless


Creating piles of 'types' of clutter


Moving clutter and piles from corner to corner, room to room


Being ruthless with your decision making - and then later regretting your decision


Making decisions based on a limited number of choices (e.g. keep, throw, charity) and ending up keeping most of it


Having friends and family 'help' - which has led to World War 3....


Paid a decluttering 'expert' to help but in fact they just helped you reorganise or store your clutter so it looked a bit better but you weren't able to maintain it. They didn't help you change any habits or learn how to make decisions


Bought storage solutions to help 'hide' the clutter - but these storage solutions are now part of your clutter


Paid for off-site self storage and moved the clutter out of your home and into storage so it's out of sight, out of mind and out of your bank account every month


But the space you created in your home is now filled up with new or moved clutter, and your self storage is costing you a fortune every year


Bought books about decluttering which you've never finished (or even started) reading and are now in amongst your clutter


Watched the decluttering and hoarder programmes on the TV and decided you're not as bad as the people on there so maybe you don't need to worry about it so much.

None of the above methods work or last, do they?

It's because they're methods that deal with the SYMPTOM that is your clutter, not the CAUSE of your clutter.

What's the difference?

  • The SYMPTOM is the clutter you see in your home and the clutter in your head related to making decisions

  • The CAUSE of your clutter is not being able to control your Clutter Conveyor Belt.


The 7 Step Clutter Clearing Journey is unique because it deals with the symptoms AND the causes of your clutter.

At Clutter Clearing, over the 7 Steps of the Clutter Clearing Journey, we deal with both the symptoms and the causes of your clutter so that you can:


  • learn how to get back control of your home yourself

  • learn how to make safe decisions

  • learn how to stop the clutter growing back again in the future.

This the only way to get a long term permanent solution to your Clutter Challenge because it is the only option that will:

  • Enable you to create the habits you need to succeed AND stay Clutter Free once you've cleared the backlog​

  • Understand at a deeper level WHY and HOW you have your Clutter Challenge so you have choices about how to deal with it and prevent it reappearing

  • Ensure that you not only clear the backlog, you also ensure you become Clutter Free FOREVER - just like Clare did back in 2001​

That's why Successful Clutter Clearing takes time.

Your Clutter Conveyor Belt

The size of your conveyor belt is proportional to the size of your home i.e. a 1 bedroom flat will be a smaller and shorter conveyor belt than a 6 bedroom mansion conveyor belt.

  • Things comes into your home and onto your conveyor belt.

  • Things travel along your conveyor belt and stay in your home or on your conveyor belt

  • At some point things (hopefully) come off the conveyor belt and out of your home.

If you have a Clutter Challenge and the amount of Clutter on your conveyor belt is growing, then this means you have more things coming into your home and onto the conveyor belt than you have coming off your conveyor belt and out of your home.


It doesn't matter whether you have a 1 bedroom flat of a 6 bedroom mansion, if you have more clutter coming ONTO your conveyor belt than you have coming OFF your conveyor belt, Clutter will build up ON your conveyor belt.

Talk about how to start your Journey

Hundreds of Clutterholics and Hoarders use Clutter Clearing to Successfully Clear their Clutter WITHOUT an expensive home visit.


Book a FREE 30 minute call with Clare so she can talk about how best to start your Clutter Clearing Journey.

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