Secret Clutterholic

You are like 10% of Clare's Clients since 2001


A Secret Clutterholic can easily be mistaken for someone who doesn't have

a clutter challenge because they are experts at hiding their clutter.​

You are likely to see:​

  • A Secret Clutterholic has 'hidden' clutter rather than visible clutter.

  • A Secret Clutterholic is an expert at hiding their clutter.

  • The clutter is often predominately paperwork clutter.


  • They have very slightly more coming onto their conveyor belt than coming off, so only a little amount of clutter accumulates over a long period of time.


  • Their clutter 'creeps back' without them realising over a period of several month or more.

  • They usually do a grocery shop once a week, and perhaps a different type of shop (clothes, electrical items, books etc) once a month or when they genuinely need something.


  • They usually have 'blitz's' on their clutter - maybe once or twice a year, maybe more frequently. They succeed in getting things out of their home quickly and easily but because they haven't created the new habits that they need to reduce the accumulation of potential clutter, the clutter eventually returns because they still have more coming into their home than going out.

  • They often believe that they just need help to 'get on and do it', make time, or with making decisions. They rarely have the patience to do a little and often to create the new habits required to maintain what they achieve with the blitz because they want a 'quick and easy' solution (although most live to realise there is no quick and easy solution).


  • They usually procrastinate about doing some decluttering, then reach a point - perhaps when they can't hide any more clutter - where they have a blitz.


  • They often don't think there are underlying reasons for having their clutter, but instead believe it's because they don't have enough time or space.


  • They will rarely ask for or seek help, simply because they 'don't think it's bad enough' to warrant the investment of their time, or of having expert help that would save them time and money in the long run.


  • If you opened their cupboards, drawers and out of sight places, you would probably find their belongings stuffed in and disorganised.


  • More than 50% of the contents of their clutter are out-of-date things, to-do jobs that haven't been done, things that have been bought to use but never used. The rest is predominately sentimental things that they struggle to let go of.


  • Someone who is Secret clutterholic can still use their rooms and/or move the clutter in one room into another so that guests don't see any clutter (as long as they don't wander into the other room!)


  • Secret Clutterholics are often very social, active people hence the problem with making time to control the clutter when it does accumulate.


  • Secret Clutterholics are often defined as 'carers' - either literally or of the personality where they prioritise other people's needs and helping others above their own needs and time.


  • Secret Clutterholics will have less of a challenge with making the decisions and more of a challenge with keeping on top of the incoming preventing the clutter accumulating. Therefore although they need help to clear the backlog of clutter, the more important part of a secret clutterholics journey from Cluttered to Clutter Free is to control the accumulation and organisation areas of their Clutter Conveyor Belt.

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