Mild Clutterholic

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A Mild Clutterholic can often be mistaken for someone who is simply untidy.

The name comes from they fact that they have hidden clutter like the secret clutterholic, plus some visible clutter which is usually paper related, piles on surfaces and/or boxes.

You are likely to see:

  • The majority of the clutter is paperwork - newspapers, post, things printed off from the computer, flyers etc and grocery shopping - BOGOF, Special Offers etc.

  • They have: piles of paperwork, newspapers, post and catalogues on worktops and surfaces, maybe a filing cabinet (or two!) that is stuffed and overflowing so no more can go in it, cupboards, attics, garages stuffed with clutter that they want out of sight.

  • A Mild Clutterholic is an expert at putting things down on surfaces and forgetting about them.

  • Their clutter is generally only a couple of months old because they have a blitz relatively frequently.

  • Surfaces become 'landings' for things that have been brought into the home and put down 'temporarily' (although they may not get moved or dealt with for quite a while).

  • A Mild Clutterholic will usually struggle with making time on a daily basis to action the clutter that has accumulated e.g. reading the newspapers and things printed off the computer, opening the post, paying bills, other to-do list items.

  • They usually have 'blitz's' on their clutter - maybe once or twice a year, maybe more frequently. They succeed in getting things out of their home quickly and easily but because they haven't created the new habits that they need to reduce the accumulation of potential clutter, and to keep their homes organised, the clutter eventually returns because they still have more coming into their home than going out.

  • A Mild Clutterholic will usually move one pile of clutter and put it on another pile of clutter if they need workspace, rather than deal with the pile.

  • A Mild Clutterholic will often believe their problem is not enough time to deal with or not enough storage, therefore will often have storage solutions amongst their clutter.

  • ​The motivation for a Mild Clutterholic to deal with their clutter will often be visitors arriving or a seasonal reason e.g. New Years Resolution, Spring Clean.

  • A Mild Clutterholic never reaches the point of being 'encouraged' by others to deal with the clutter.

  • Until they have a tidy up/decluttering session, a Mild Clutterholic will usually have a little visible clutter in most rooms, therefore can move the clutter from one room to another if they don't want visitors to see their clutter.

  • A Mild Clutterholic will have relatively regular tidy up/declutter sessions where they are able to deal with the majority of the visible clutter in a day or two.

  • A Mild Clutterholic struggles to keep on top of new and incoming clutter.

  • Friends and family are likely to think that the Mild Clutterholic just needs a tidy-up.

  • A Mild Clutterholic can quickly and easily become a Habitual Clutterholic because of procrastination and denial.​

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