• LIVE Guided Clutter Clearing Sessions with Clare
  • 3 hours each week
  • 5 consecutive weeks (a Term)
  • Ask your questions LIVE and get instant LIVE Answers
  • £194 / $254 (£39 / $51 per week)
  • Includes membership of the Facebook Closed Group - VIP Circle

LIVE Paperwork
Clutter Clearing Classes

You can join Clare, and like-minded individuals to do your Paperwork Clutter Clearing Session together,
LIVE every week for 5 consecutive weeks.

Meet Other Like-Minded People
to 'Do the Doing' Together:

Next Term:

Thursday 20th January 2022 –Thursday 17th February 2022


Thursdays - 5 consecutive weeks

  • 2pm - 5pm UK time
  • 9am - 12noon ET
  • 6am - 9am PT

Includes FREE set of Paperwork Clutter Clearing Category Cards



Clare, I tell everyone how you 'way over in England' are helping me with my Clutter Clearing without ever entering my house. But I don't think I've told YOU yet. Thank you! I have learnt so much about WHY I've struggled with my clutter and HOW to finally clear it once and for all.

Sharon, USA

Hi Clare! I have to say that you are, without a doubt, the most motivating de-cluttering expert I have found.

I've spent a lot of money on useless books and read a lot of useless decluttering e-mail newsletters. You rock! I am so motivated now!

Sally, UK

Just to say THANK YOU for the habits and skills that I acquired thanks to you.

Not only have a decluttered my flat, but I have learned to be patient with myself and that it takes time.

Christina, Canada



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