• Clare Baker

Are you going to be one of the 87%?

You may remember from one of my videos about the 7 Step Journey that I mentioned that 87% of the people who have trailed the Journey over the last 2 years have succeeded at clearing all their clutter and becoming completely clutter free forever.

Do you want to be one of them?

You'll increase your chances if:

you’re determined to clear your clutter once and for all then you'll want to get started on Thursday

you start your Journey on Thursday (when booking opens at 6pm UK time, 1pm ET, 10am PT and 5am Friday Sydney, Australia)

you’re one of the first 20 to book your place on the journey and get a FREE upgrade from the Silver Group option to Gold Private 1-2-1 option so you can have private 1-2-1 calls with me every month to keep you focused and motivated

Remember: by starting your Journey on Thursday:

you’ll be over 1/3 of the way though Step one by the New Yearyou’ll have completed Step 1 by Valentine’s Day

you’ll be one of the first to get a Clutter Clearing Journey Step 1 Completion Certificate and reward at the first Quarterly Clutter Cluster gathering in Banbury on Saturday 7th March 2020you’ll be on to Step 2 before Easter…….

This does come with a WARNING:

If you've been or are currently trying to declutter, then STOP NOW.

You have almost certainly been trying to declutter using the 'keep, chuck, charity, recycle' method which is NOT the proven Clutter Clearing Process that we will use on your Journey. 

You will not learn the Clutter Clearing Process until Step 3.

You will not learn how to make the right decision until Step 3.You will not be working on your physical backlog clutter until Step 4. 

You MUST STOP trying to clear your clutter NOW if you start the 7 Step Journey.

Surprised I'm telling you to stop trying to declutter?!

Remember - we're doing this slowly this time, one step at a time. You'll have plenty of time to work on your backlog clutter using a proven method at Step 4. Until then, please don't do ANY decluttering.

Booking opens on Thursday at 6pm UK time, 1pm ET, 10am PT and 5am Friday Sydney, Australia.

Booking will be open until Thursday 19th December, but the 3 bonuses are only available on Thursday 12th December as long as availability lasts.

To remind yourself of the details about the 7 Step Journey you can watch all the videos on the Clutter Clearing Blog here:


Do keep the comments and questions coming - I'm replying to them all individually as they come in.

Best wishes


Specialist Clutter Coach Successfully helping Chronic Clutterholics and Hoarders Since 2001 Direct dial: 01295 275030 clare@clutterclearing.net www.clutterclearing.net See me and hear the latest on my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClutterClearing Find out more on my faceboook page here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Clutter-Clearing-Consultancy-206588666022352/

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