• Clare Baker

My 2016 Clutter Clearing Journey

Today I want to share with you a video I recorded yesterday in which I explain my own personal Clutter Clearing Journey, dealing with clearing my Weight Clutter.

I show you the key stages that have happened in that Journey so far – many of which you may recognise from your own Clutter Clearing Journey – and how I managed to make sure that the 7 things of ‘life’ that got in the way didn’t derail me from my Weight Clutter Clearing Journey.

Do let me know in the comment box below the video whether you have experienced any of the challenges I describe, either with your physical Clutter Clearing Journey or your weight Clutter Clearing Journey (if you have or have had one). I like you need to know I’m not alone on my Clutter Clearing Journey!

I hope as always that you find these videos helpful and a comfort if you are thinking about starting, have started, are restarting or completing your Clutter Clearing Journey right now.

Best Wishes


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