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Susan the Teacher


​​​​​​Susan was a typical clutterholic. She had had her clutter challenge for 23 years, ever since she became a teacher and started to create lesson plans, resources, ideas etc for her classes.

She kept everything from her teaching 'just in case' it came in useful again. However, at the age of 59 she was close to retirement, her husband had already retired and she had reached her true turning point.​

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Paul, Wendy and the Gas Man  

​​​​​​​​Paul and Wendy had a lot of clutter and had done for decades. In fact, they hold the record for the client for having clutter the longest - 32 years.

Although their story is not typical of Clare's clients, it does represent the experiences of about 5% of her clients and members.


Tina's Inherrited Clutter   

Much of Tina's clutter related to things she had inherited after the loss of her mother 4 years previously.

Like many people who have siblings and relatives, she had fallen out with her family after her mother's death and had held onto the inherited furniture.​

Tina also had her own clutter that she had accumulated over the years. She'd had clutter from before her mothers death and suspected that, being born just after the end of the war and during rationing, she had learnt to keep everything 'just in case'.

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Annette and her Chapters   

Annette had a lot of 'life' Clutter, accumulated over various chapters of her life - a career, a family, a divorce and a re-marriage.
A lot of it had sentimental attachments that she wasn't ready to let go of just yet.


Annette also had a lot of paperwork clutter. Things she had printed off from the internet and e-mail, magazines, newspapers, things she 'intended' to do.

For Annette, her journey started with accepting where she was in life and where she wanted to go in the future - and that she couldn't take it all with her.

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