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Clutter Clearing was founded in 2001 by Clare Baker, a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder

Back in 2000, Clare finally admitted that she had a clutter problem that was out of control. It began back in 1993 and had taken over her life.

Been there, done that

She'd already tried and failed to clear her clutter with blitzes, piling and storage solutions. She’d read countless decluttering books, each promising they had the answer. They didn’t. So Clare spent a whole year working out how to clear her clutter by herself. 

It took another year to apply what she'd learnt to her own clutter. In 2001, she finally became clutter-free and more importantly, had gained the skills to stay clutter-free forever.

Time to share

Now clutter-free, Clare wondered whether others might be able to clear their clutter using the same method as she did. So she contacted some other clutterholics, they tried her method, and unsurprisingly, they too successfully cleared their clutter.  

Clare’s method was now tried and tested. It was time to share her approach so others could get their lives back and live clutter-free. And that’s how Clutter Clearing was born.

A different approach

Confidentiality and consideration lie at the heart of the Clutter Clearing approach. Clare understands that what is a worthless piece of paper to her may to its owner be the last letter from a loved one. That’s why she doesn’t tell you what to get rid of and what to keep. 

Instead, Clare empowers clutterholics to make the right decision for them. She enables them to stay focused and motivated, ultimately helping them break the old habits that caused their clutter in the first place. 

Clutter Clearing is about letting clutterholics know that they aren’t alone, providing support and encouragement to make a lasting change for the better. Importantly, Clutter Clearing gives individuals the tools they need to stay clutter-free forever, just like Clare.



Clare, I tell everyone how you 'way over in England' are helping me with my Clutter Clearing without ever entering my house. But I don't think I've told YOU yet. Thank you! I have learnt so much about WHY I've struggled with my clutter and HOW to finally clear it once and for all.

Sharon, USA

Hi Clare! I have to say that you are, without a doubt, the most motivating de-cluttering expert I have found.

I've spent a lot of money on useless books and read a lot of useless decluttering e-mail newsletters. You rock! I am so motivated now!

Sally, UK

Just to say THANK YOU for the habits and skills that I acquired thanks to you.

Not only have a decluttered my flat, but I have learned to be patient with myself and that it takes time.

Christina, Canada



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