​​​​Got the book, watch the TV programmes, still got your clutter?

Maybe you’ve even paid a lot of money for someone to come to your home for a day or more to ‘help’ you have a blitz on your clutter and get organised.​​​

If I had a penny for every client who has at least 1 book from a TV programme or some ‘expert’ in amongst their clutter, I’d be a very rich person by now….!

If only we could buy the book, watch the TV programmes or have someone come to our home so that, magically, the clutter would disappear without us even having to read the books, watching the videos or have someone come back time and time again to help us. ​

But it doesn’t quite work that way, does it?

Many of my clients are people who love the TV programmes, have bought the book and had someone into their home – at great expense – but still haven’t been able to turn that into reality.

Many are frustrated because they bought the book, watched the programme or paid for someone to come and help them thinking that it would make a long term difference.

Many have started reading it, or even bought some of the storage solutions that are recommended, but the clutter is still there, and may even be multiplying before their very eyes.


There are 5 main reasons why the TV, book and having someone into your home for a day or two doesn’t help you get a long term permanent solution to your clutter challenge.

1.They don’t help you understand WHY you have your clutter.

If you don’t know why you have your clutter and how it accumulates, how can you possibly expect to successfully clear it forever?

2. They don’t show you HOW to clear your clutter.

Most importantly they don’t acknowledge that clearing your clutter for good is a journey, not a one off event.

They all give the impression you can deal with your clutter quickly and easily if you just have enough manpower and space. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, if you don’t know that you need 7 choices about what to do with your clutter and someone is trying to make you make decisions based on whether to ‘keep’, ‘throw away’ or ‘give to charity’, you’re doomed to fail.

3. Many people need to the EXPERIENCE process, not just watch or read about it.

A book isn’t going to show you HOW to do it.

A TV programme can’t answer your questions and queries at the exact time you need the help and advice.

4. The programmes make it look as though you can clear your clutter QUICKLY

But when people try to do it on their own it takes longer because they don’t have the hands-on-help, or a whole day or two to do it.

Consequently, when they don’t feel they’ve got anywhere in a couple of hours they give up.

Yet, if you know that you can make a difference, improve your home and feel a sense of achievement in just 3 hours of Clutter Clearing, with the right help, support and guidance, you’re more likely to accept that your Clutter Clearing is a journey, not a one off event.

When you know it’s not a sprint but a marathon, where you can’t necessarily see the finish line when you start, then the stress levels reduce and it’s easier to focus on getting started.

5. People buy nice new STORAGE solutions in preparation for their clutter clearing session.

They always have such nice storage solutions on the telly, and just like the book, people believe that if they get the storage solutions the clutter will clear itself.

Yet storage is NOT the answer.

Nor is off site self storage.

Storage is merely a hiding technique.

Clutter Clearing can help you break that cycle, turn the theory into practice, and declutter your home so that you get an improvement both now and forever.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, and as I tell at the top tip subscribers, there’s something very crucial that is missing when we buy the books.


If you’re ready to ditch the books and TV programmes that don’t really give you any truly valuable insight into why you have your clutter and how to clear it with more options than ‘keep’, ‘throw’ or ‘charity’, then let me help you.

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