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Most clutterholics struggle – or simply resist – getting into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’ of their Journey.

That is because those of us who struggle with clutter are predominately In-time people, which means we struggle to focus and finish things, follow a plan, are impulsive, act on our emotions, hate lists, and rarely meet deadlines because we struggle to plan. We are often doing many things at once, and get quickly and easily distracted and bored, which means we rarely create reliable routines that turn into habits.

It’s not that all these characteristics are negative. It’s good to be impulsive and follow our emotions, be spontaneous and ignore the plan or the deadline occasionally. It’s just that being in-time most of the time means it’s harder for us to successfully clear our clutter because we also need to regularly be ‘through-time’ and follow the plan to ‘Do the Doing’.

To succeed on our Journey we need to plan ahead – and importantly follow that plan –to make time to clear our clutter, which in turn will enable us to create a reliable routine of ‘Doing the Doing’, which will enable us to consistently work on our Journey, which will enable us to clear our clutter Forever.

The reality is, you will never clear your clutter Forever unless you consciously make time to get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’. There are 3 simple ways to do that, yet for an in-time clutterholic these can seem like a huge challenge because of the resistance they feel to focusing and finishing things.

How to Get into A Routine

1.         Your Weekly Planner

Your weekly planner is your secret weapon to get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’ if you use it correctly. Simply planning your time to ‘Do the Doing’ each week isn’t enough. You have to actually follow your weekly planner by ‘Doing the Doing’ of watching and following your Journey videos when you plan time to do it (!).

2.         Focus on Being a Successful Snail

Do a minimum of 30 minutes of your Journey videos a minimum of three times a week, or 15 minutes a day for 5 days a week, with no more than 72 hours in-between each session.

3.         Plan to ‘Do the Doing’ 2 hours a day, 7 Days A         Week

Even if you are doing less than 2 hours a day, and even though you will only ever do a maximum of 5 days a week, by getting into the routine of planning MORE time than you need at the start, you will get used to setting aside enough time as you find you give yourself the choice to do more if you want to do more, and you will automatically have 2 days of contingency time built into your weekly planner in case ‘life’ gets in the way.



1. It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

When you know what you are doing when, it’s one less decision that your brain must make – it just automatically knows what to do when with saves your brain time and energy, and you are much more likely to do it even when you don’t feel motivated. It’s just what you do on that day at that time.

2. Routines Break Old Habits

If you want to clear your clutter FOREVER, you need to break old automatic habits that you are doing subconsciously.

Although a routine is an effort – and for a clutterholic something we actively resist – it is essential to break the old habits we have had for decades if we want to stay clutter free Forever.

3. Routines Make New Habits

If you want to clear your clutter FOREVER, you need to create new, automatic habits that don’t require any effort.
Although a routine is an effort – and for a clutterholic something we actively resist – it is essential to create the new habits we need to succeed.

4. Easier to Protect your Boundaries

– especially with other people. When you get into a routine of doing your Journey videos on particular days at a regular time, it is much easier to tell people that you are unavailable on those days at that time.
I always recommend that you treat your Journey like a part-time course that you do on the same days at the same time each week during Term time.
Why? Because we and other people can more easily and readily accept that we are never available at – let’s say –10am – 12noon each day Monday to Friday. People will soon (or eventually!) learn that they won’t be able to get hold of us until lunchtime at the earliest. If you keep changing the day and time each week, your brain is less likely to get into a routine, break habits, you are less likely to protect your boundaries and you are more likely to procrastinate, sabotage and just like you have in the past – give up.
Success Club Members are easily able to treat their Journey like a part-time course and protect their boundaries because they have a LIVE Group Session 5 days a week.

5. Better Mental Health

Researchers have found that routines can make you happier and improve the symptoms of depression, bi-polar, loneliness and more.

6. Successes

When you get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’ and you get into a routine of capturing your daily success of ‘Doing the Doing’, your brain will start to notice more positives which will further improve your mental health and fuel your motivation to continue ‘Doing the Doing’.

7. Journey Success

The facts are simple. Those people who get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’ of their Journey succeed quicker and easier. That’s because your brain adapts quicker and more easily to making decisions, doing your not sure check-ins and doing your visual check-ins to maintain your progress simply because you are doing it regularly. You don’t have to refamiliarize yourself with what to do, how to do it, or where you left off last time.
You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.
If you NEED to clear your clutter and you’re ready to accept that you can’t clear it forever FAST, click on this link and visit my Help Centre to find out how I can help you get started.

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