Clutter Clearing on a Budget

Most people start their Clutter Clearing Journey with a very tight budget.

That's one of the reasons why we get back control of our Financial, Paperwork and E-mail clutter as early as Step 2 on the Programme.

One thing Clutterholics and Hoarders have in common is that they are rarely in control of their finances. Many think they are, but when we start to look at it in more detail in Step 2, they start to realise exactly where their money is going and how it's contributing to their Clutter Challenge.

Indeed, I have yet to meet a Clutterholic or Hoarder who has - or lives within - a spending budget.


So when people tell me they need my help but haven't got any money to pay for help, I know that they're probably not living with - or sticking to - a budget, or are not willing to reduce their spending on 'stuff' in order to deal with their Clutter Challenge.

Because let's be honest. Most of the things in our clutter weren't free. We paid for them. And if your clutter keeps growing back, then that means you're still spending money on things you don't need or use.

It would be unreasonable and unrealistic to think that you're going to suddenly change your spending habits over night, so we're not going to try.

What I would suggest, so that before you start your Clutter Clearing Journey with Step 1 which is free, you first save enough money to pay for Step 2 (£197 / $246 a month),

How can you do this?

Ways to Save Money so you can afford Step 2.......

Number 1.jpg

Commit to a short term shopping ban while you deal with your clutter i.e. you only buy essentials e.g. groceries, medications, travel. Whatever is left at the end of the month, put into a separate account that you don't touch.

You would only need to save £50 / $62 a week or £7 / $9 a day to be able to do the DIY Online Clutter Clearing Journey.

Number 2.jpg

Decide on a weekly budget for your essential grocery and medications shopping and travel.


Take out in cash that exact amount of money and use ONLY that cash.

If any money is left over each week, deduct that from the amount from the cash you take out for the following week, PLUS transfer that amount from your bank account to a savings account.

Number 3.jpg

Cut up your credit cards or put them in a bowl of water in the freezer so you're not tempted to use them for impulse buys.

Reduce the balance on them every month as you pay them off so you're not tempted to spend the available credit.

Number 4.jpg

If you have bought via shopping channels on your TV, get them taken off by your TV / Cable provided so you're not tempted to watch them or buy anything.

Number 5.jpg

Remove ALL credit or debit card details from your online shopping stores e.g. Amazon.


If you have to manually put in your credit or debit card details every time you buy something, that delay and extra effort might just be enough to stop an unnecessary impulse purchase.

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Hundreds of Clutterholics and Hoarders use Clutter Clearing to Successfully Clear their Clutter WITHOUT an expensive home visit.

The all new 7 Step Journey has been designed so that you can take one step at a time on your Journey and fit your Clutter Clearing around your life.


It's been tested by over 100 clutterholics over the last 2 years.


By taking 7 step at a time you'll build your knowledge, confidence and experience slowly and surely, giving you all the information and tools you need to clear your clutter, transform your home and become Clutter Free - Forever.


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