7 things to consider before starting your Clutter Clearing Journey

1. Are you ready to try something very different to what you’ve tried before? ​

Most people start a Clutter Clearing Journey with Clare’s help after having tried other methods and solutions to their Clutter Challenge: Storage Solutions, Organisers, Self Storage etc. ​ When you start your Clutter Clearing Journey with Clare you need to have an open mind to trying a different method to everything you’ve tried to seen before.


Clare was a clutterholic herself, used The Clutter Clearing Process to clear her own clutter, and has shared it with thousands of determined clutterholics since 2001.

It works – if you are willing to try it and commit to continuing for each of the 7 Steps.

2. What help do you actually need with your clutter? ​

Many people think they need help with deciding what to do with their clutter or someone telling them how their home ‘should’ be organised or ‘should’ look i.e. someone telling them what to do with the things in their clutter. ​ Yet no one has the right to make judgments on other people’s belongings.

What to Clare is a worthless scrap of paper may be to you a last letter from a loved one – how will she or anyone else know the difference? Only you can make the decisions based on how you want your life to be when you’re clutter free. ​ Clare will not tell you how to organise your home.

She will help you work out how your home needs to be organised for YOU and your needs and give advice, ideas, and exercises to do when you ask for help.

It’s a very different approach and takes time – hence the Clutter College Course format. ​ If you’re ready to take responsibility for your clutter and the decision making, Clare can coach you to make the right decisions for YOU. ​

3. Do you want to learn how to clear your clutter and stay clutter free forever yourself, or are you looking for a short term quick fix and wanting someone to do it for you? ​

If your answer is the latter then a Clutter Clearing Journey is not for you. ​

4. Are you prepared to take time to learn about you, your clutter and your home before you jump in and start working on your clutter? ​

Like any journey that is going to change your life and your home you need to do a little and often. For most people it takes them more than a few days or weeks to clear all their clutter, fitting their Clutter Clearing Sessions around ‘real life’.

The moment we let our Clutter Clearing take over our life in the form of a blitz, not only are we going to exhaust ourselves physically and mentally within a short space of time.

We’re also going to start to resent doing it and either procrastinate at continuing or our inner child will simply rebel and refuse to do it at all. ​

Once we take the pressure off ourselves and accept that it is likely to take time and as long as we can see progress from month to month that’s OK, we’re much more likely to succeed. ​

5. Are you able to commit to setting aside at least half a day once a week to do your Clutter Clearing? ​

It goes without saying that the more Clutter Clearing Sessions you can do each week on your Journey the quicker you will clear your clutter. You will only be going a maximum of 2 hours of Clutter Clearing a day, a maximum of 3 days a week. Any more and it’s too much decision making for our brains. ​

6. How do you respond to being accountable to someone?

Clare will help make you accountable to ‘do the doing’ so that you achieve the change you want.

If you are the type of person who always has a good excuse as to why you haven’t done something then Clutter Clearing with Clare isn’t for you. ​

7. Are you ready to face the clutter and focus on what’s in it? ​

You’ve ignored your clutter for quite a while and you’re likely to come across things you haven’t seen for a long time or forgot you had. ​ Clearing your clutter can be an emotional experience.

We’ll take it nice and slow and deal with it as we find it – that’s one of the reasons why you never do more than 2 hours a day for 5 consecutive days.

It’s emotionally tiring, even if we’re not dealing with sentimental clutter. ​ If you know there are ‘gremlins’ in your clutter and you’re not ready, willing or able to face them emotionally with Clare’s support, then you’re not ready to start your Clutter Clearing Journey with Clare’s help.

If you’ve ready this far and still considering one of Clare’s Clutter Clearing Journeys then it’s probably time to consider starting your Clutter Clearing Journey.

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