Clare’s Clutter Clearing Story – Unexpected Dreams

I never dreamed that Clearing my Clutter would change my life in so many ways, and I never imagined it would also lead me to make major decisions in other areas of my life.

On Millennium Eve when I reached my True Turning Point of realising things HAD to change, that I HAD to do whatever it took to clear my clutter so I could start living my best life and the life I believed I was meant to have, my main dream was to share the rest of my life with someone who loved me unconditionally.

I had always had difficult relationships with people and with hindsight I can see that this was because I had developed unhealthy attachment to people at an early age. Having never made a healthy emotional bond with my parents or brother I was very needy, clingy, and insecure in my friendships and relationships, especially with men.

With my clutter I was never able to entertain at home, or to just sit and watch TV with others, so all my friendships and relationships were very one way, never particularly deep and short lived. My most serious relationship by Millennium Eve was a failed engagement to a man I met in London who had to return to his home in Senegal, West Africa to renew his visa soon after we became a couple.

With hindsight I probably said ‘yes’ to his proposal, the night before he got on his plane home, precisely because it would be ME travelling to visit him so he would never have to see my clutter. Of course, I tried to convince myself that I’d clear all my clutter before he returned 6 months later. I never did clear it, but then again, he never returned to the UK either. I got on a plane at Banjul airport in Gambia to fly home 10 months later, the same night Princess Diana died, having decided our relationship was over. 

The one thing I dreamed of achieving by clearing my clutter was simply to be able to invite a man into my home, enjoy his company, be able to relax and be my insecure self around him (!), be accepted for who I was and not feel judged, feel loved unconditionally, and have a happy, honest, healthy, genuine, safe relationship. It was hard to believe it was even possible.

I dared to dream, I ‘Did the Doing’, and the photo above on our wedding day proves I made my dream come true.

Unexpected Dreams

One thing I hadn’t expected by daring to dream and dreaming big was just how many other dreams I had beyond that first big dream that also came true.

When you have one over-riding dream, it tends to dominate all others, yet once you achieve that dream and your confidence builds, lots of other little – and not so little – dreams start to appear.

Clutter Clearing

For example, I’d always felt unfulfilled by the jobs I’d had. I say jobs because I didn’t exactly have a career. I got bored easily, struggled to focus, and always preferred a new challenge (can we see any similarities with the characteristics of a clutterholic?!). 

I’d always dreamed of running my own business, I’d even considered doing an MBA at the London Business School, but I didn’t want to run a big corporate company. 

I also wanted to help people. I’d enjoyed working at British Red Cross but there was no career there. So I moved into Project Management and made good money, but it was just a job – it wasn’t a passion that was worth the 1 hour commute each way.

So I quit my job to focus on clearing my clutter which was the mental challenge I needed. I loved learning, figuring it out and testing it all on myself. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the Journey.

When I was done and started looking at getting a ‘proper’ job again, that familiar feeling of unfulfillment returned. I had no career to slot back into, and I looked at jobs thinking ‘I could do that, but do I WANT to do that?’

I went to see my therapist who I had seen from time to time on specific issues, to explore this lack of fulfilment and passion, and she recommended I do something called NLP.

You don’t need therapy to figure this out’ she said. ’You can figure this out yourself with the right tools. Do the NLP training. It’ll give you some very valuable personal tools to help you figure out what you might want to do next. It’ll also give you some skills that you might be able to use in whatever your next step is.’

I did the NLP training and met people who had very clear dreams and knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives.

It wasn’t until the weekend we all qualified that I had my lightbulb moment of what my business dream was. 

I wanted to help other people do what I’d one. I wanted to help other people become completely clutter free like me, without the need for an expensive home visit. I wanted to enable and support people to clear their clutter so they too could start living their best life just like I was.

I was going to set up a business sharing my new Clutter Clearing skills.

Small Steps

Once again, I started to dare to dream. I got clear about what I wanted my business to look like. I started to get excited and passionate, and the belief that I could do this started to grow.

I placed one advert in a local magazine offering to teach people to do what I had done, calling myself ‘Life Laundry’ after the decluttering TV programme at the time. I got 3 bookings and realised that maybe there was demand. I cashed in some shares to pay for my first website, and Clutter Clearing was born. 

I continue to evolve my Clutter Clearing Dream when I do my Wheel of Life Reviews. My self-confidence grows every time I achieve my next goal and dream.

When clients and members tell me they don’t believe they can clear their clutter, I always tell them:

I didn’t believe I could clear mine either,

but I’m only able to help you now because I Dared to Dream.

If your dream is to clear your clutter FOREVER and you’re ready to get Clare’s help to achieve that dream, find out how you can get started on your 7 Step Journey to a Clutter Free Life with the support of others and save 25% here:

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