Clutter Clearing Concept – the Matrix

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The Clutter Clearing Matrix explains the 4 states we move through when we go from Cluttered to Clutter Free.

There are 2 ‘Cluttered’ states on the left-hand side of the matrix, and 2 ‘Clutter Clearing’ states on the right. Even when we move over to the Clutter Clearing side of the matrix, we can still slip back into one of the cluttered states. The skill is to recognise which state you’re in and what you need to do to move back over to the Clutter Clearing side.

Section 1: Auto-Pilot

This is where we’re doing meaningless, low-pressure things that we’re not even aware we’re doing. We focus on storage, organisation and ‘getting rid’ of things, when in fact it’s our unconscious habits, self-sabotage and gremlins that are causing our clutter.

Section 2: Treadmill

When we become aware that we’ve got habits that aren’t helping us with our clutter we move into the treadmill state. This is where we keep ourselves busy doing things that we tell ourselves we ‘have’ to do but have nothing to do with Clutter Clearing.

Section 3: Expedition

When we decide our Clutter Free Goal is a meaningful Goal and we’re prepared to use some of our time to work towards it, we start not by working on the physical clutter, but by moving into the Expedition section of the matrix – planning, learning and understanding in preparation.

Section 4: Mission

Once we’ve prepared for our expedition, we’re ready to move into the final section of our Clutter Clearing Matrix – the Mission section where we start ‘doing the doing’, using everything we’ve learnt in the Expedition section. To successfully clear our clutter, we need to stay in the Expedition and Mission sections by staying focused on our Clutter Free Goal.

Which section of the Clutter Clearing Matrix are you in RIGHT NOW?

What do you need to do to get to the ‘Expedition’ section of the matrix?

If you need help to move out of the Treadmill section and into the Expedition section, find out how Clare can help you do that by visiting our online help centre: 

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