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5 Unexpected Benefits of Having Routines

  1. Dementia – new research suggests the benefits of having routines include a 21% lower risk of dementia. It’s not suggesting that NOT having a routine is a cause of dementia, it just suggests that they can make a big difference to mental health. It may be the combination of physical and mental activity (rather than just one or the other).
  2. Rest – researchers have found that undemanding routine tasks allow your brain to take a break, allowing your brain to process all the thoughts, feelings, and memories so later it can make more demanding decisions quicker and more easily.
  3. Motivation when you recognise and celebrate the fact you’ve done something as part of a routine, and physically cross it off your weekly planner, that gives you a sense of completion which is more likely to motivate you to do the next thing on your weekly planner.
  4. Builds Belief – when you capture the routine things in your success / gratitude Journal daily, it’s a quick and easy way to focus your mind on the small yet significant successes which in turn builds your confidence and belief that you have the ability and skill to regularly ‘Do the Doing’. 
  5. Increased focus – Research shows that following a routine reduces the stress hormone cortisol which interferes with your ability to focus and finish. Therefore, a routine of working on your Clutter actually helps you focus and finish.

If you need help to start getting into a routine of Clutter Clearing, start gently by joining our weekly Social Gatherings so you can meet and talk to other Clutterholics who are successfully clearing their clutter:  https://www.clutterclearing.net/social-gathering/

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