Clutter Clearing Myth-Buster – You must Feel Motivated to Deal with your Clutter




If you believe this myth then I suspect you procrastinate, avoid, and give up dealing with your clutter because you are waiting to feel motivated.

Newsflash: If you only work on your Journey when you feel motivated, you will never Clear your Clutter Forever.

When you wait to experience the ‘right’ feelings before you take any action, or you wait to feel motivated, it is what psychotherapist Dr. Russ Harris calls the Motivational Trap because it will keep you trapped where you are, never to succeed.

There are 7 reasons why it’s a myth that you must feel motivated to deal with your clutter.

1. Motivation isn’t Enough

Motivation is only the desire to do something. It is taking the right ACTION that is going to enable you to start, continue and complete your Clutter Clearing Journey. If don’t have a burning need or desire to clear your clutter so you can live your Best Life, you will never feel motivated to do it.

2. Motivation Comes in Waves

Sometimes you feel motivated, sometimes you don’t, and the waves are significantly influenced by other things that are going on in your life.  If you only ever work on your Clutter Clearing Journey when you feel motivated to do so, you will do it so infrequently that you will never get into a routine, you will never break old habits, and you will never create the new habits that you need to maintain a Clutter Free home.

3. You Can Be Too Motivated

It can be an advantage not to be highly motivated when you work on your Clutter Clearing Journey. When you are highly motivated you are much more likely to blitz your Journey videos because you are high on the adrenaline rush of motivation. You are less likely to take the time to watch and follow every Journey video thoroughly because with high motivation comes impatience. You want to rush through them, you don’t allow the seeds to germinate, and then you wonder why you don’t get a harvest.
Once again, routine and a clear SMARTER goal become your secrets of success, not motivation.

4. It’s Procrastination In Disguise

Many people tell me they are waiting until they feel motivated to start their Clutter Clearing Journey which of course I know – after over 20 years of working with clutterholics – will never happen. What they are really telling me is that it is not a priority for them. It’s the same when people tell me they don’t have enough time or they are waiting until they have more time. Never going to happen – that’s just procrastination and fear in disguise.

5. Routine, a Clear Goal and Habits are More Important

When you have a regular routine, you will ‘Do the Doing’ because that’s what you do. When you have a routine, ‘Doing the Doing’ happens independent of motivation. When you have a clear, SMARTER goal of how your Best Life will be when you are clutter free, the desire to clear your clutter shifts from a want to a need, and when doing something becomes a need, there is less resistance to making time to ‘Do the Doing’. When you combine a clear goal and a regular routine of ‘Doing the Doing’ you become an unstoppable force and success is almost guaranteed. It’s not a coincidence that those who succeed the easiest on the Journey are those who treat their Clutter Clearing Journey like a part time course, doing a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

6. Motivation Is Not An Ingredient Of Success

Motivation is not an essential ingredient in success. Success results from a clear goal, a routine of taking specific actions towards that clear goal consistently, successfully completing those specific action towards that goal consistently, which triggers an emotional response, which in turn triggers the desire to repeat the routine towards that clear goal.

Spending time focusing on your goal will help you succeed more than waiting for motivation to arrive.

7. Doing the Doing Comes First

Motivation doesn’t come before ‘Doing the Doing’. When you ‘Do the Doing’ of your Clutter Clearing Journey and you learn something new, have a lightbulb moment, notice the shifts, realise how much progress you have made, your brain releases dopamine – the feel good hormone – which improves motivation, but more importantly for your Journey it improves learning, sleep, mood and the ability to focus your attention. So you actually need to ‘Do the Doing’ to trigger the dopamine which then improves your motivation.

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If you are serious about clearing your clutter you need to stop waiting to feel motivated and simply get into a routine of making time to ‘Do the Doing’ consistently as part of your daily and weekly routine.

My most successful clients are those who treat their Clutter Clearing Journey like a part-time course, consistently setting aside 2 hours a day, at the same time each day, 7 days a week for 5 consecutive weeks of each Clutter Clearing Term. They may not work on their Journey for the entire 2 hours, and of course never do more than 5 days, but they set aside and protect the time so they have a choice to do more than the minimum. That way they consistently ‘Do the Doing’, keep the routine going, and succeed quicker and easier than those who wait to feel motivated.

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

If you NEED to clear your clutter and you’re ready to accept that you can’t clear it forever FAST, click on this link and visit my Help Centre to find out how I can help you get started.

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