Social Gathering Survey Results – Realistic Goals

Question 1: Is Clearing your Clutter a Goal or a Wish

Joint first place:

  • A Goal
  • 80% a wish 20% a goal

Question 2: If clearing your clutter IS a goal (even if it’s only 1% a goal at this stage), which of the following apply to your Clutter Free Goal?

Joint first place:

  • Achievable – It’s within YOUR control, it’s not dependent on others
  • Ethical – it fits with your morals, it helps you achieve your LIFE Goals, it’s a priority

Question 3: Do you think you have any of the signs that perhaps Intention Deficit Disorder is sabotaging your Clutter Free Goal?

1st Place: you struggle to protect your boundaries so you can focus and finish a task without interruption

Question 4: Do you think you struggle to make REALISTIC goals because of Expectancy Theory? If so, which element of Motivation do you think is the challenge for YOU?

1st Place: Belief in Yourself

Question 5: Which of the top tips are you going to TRY to make your Clutter Free Goal more REALISTIC?

Joint 1st Place:

  • Do a weekly planner every week to get into the routine and habit of giving my goal regular time, effort and energy
  • Start Protecting my Boundaries so I don’t get distracted or allow the Intention Deficit Disorder to sabotage my Clutter Free Goal
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