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On 10th May Emma reached the peak of Step 4 of her Journey.

This means she has cleared her clutter in at least 1 room or area of her home.

By the time Emma reached the peak she had completely cleared her porch and was onto her downstairs hallway.

Emma’s stats are:

  • Reduced her e-mail inbox by 68%
  • Reduced her average daily accumulation of e-mails from 32 in Step 1 down to 4
  • In her weekly Paperwork Clutter Clearing Session she is averaging 83% of what she categorised and sorted coming OFF her conveyor belt with every session
  • She has had 8 trees planted in her name with the Paperwork Reward Challenge because she has shredded over 40 black sacks of paperwork clutter – so far
  • Between the weekly shopping challenge and cancelling all the direct debits she didn’t realise were coming out of her bank account each month she is saving MORE than the cost of her Private Journey membership
  • She is now saving towards a Clutter Free Goal Reward of going on a safari holiday
  • She has reduced her frequency of shopping from daily to twice a week baed on NEED
  • She completed Step 3 in half the time it took her to complete Step 1

Her reward for reaching the peak has been to have the porch fixed. It was leaking badly but her clutter meant no one could access it.

Emma shares:

‘If I’m honest, I never thought I’d reach the peak of Mount Everest. In fact I never thought I’d manage to complete Step 1. Yet here I am having cleared my first area and it feels amazing!

Although it’s not an actual room that I’ve cleared, I know it’s just a matter of time, and it didn’t stop me getting the workmen in to fix the porch because they didn’t need to come into the house.

Up until now I’ve been a little obsessed with Step 4, constantly asking Clare in my weekly call how long it would take, whether or not I would manage to clear an area, what if…………what if……….. I know that’s my perfectionism and control-freak at work even after this long. I should have just trusted her.

Now I can’t believe that my porch if clear and fixed after at least 10 years. Plus I haven’t just moved my clutter like before, I’ve actually cleared it! I actually made decisions on each and every one of the things in my porch. The Not Sure category was a godsend.

Now when I come into my house I don’t see clutter and I actually enjoy coming into my house. I finally believe I WILL clear it all.

When I think back to how chaotic my life was when I started my Journey, how much time I wasted, how many excuses I made for not doing my Clutter Clearing I can see now that I wasn’t living my life, I was existing and using the clutter as an excuse. I understand now that was my fear of failing – again.

Then a friend I met through a hoarding group died suddenly and her family got house clearance to come in and get rid of all her clutter. They got rid of everything she owned. It was as if all the evidence of my friends life has disappeared and was considered worthless. They didn’t even try to go through it.

Suddenly the fear of that happening to me was greater than the fear of failing. So I decided I had to try one last time.  When the leader of the hoarding group saw my before and after photos of my porch she couldn’t believe I’d done it all on my own!

Find out more about the Clutter Clearing Journey that Emma is on here: https://www.clutterclearing.net/7-step-journey/

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