Routines and Habits of a Successful Clutter Clearer


‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily: The secret of your success is found in your daily routine’.

That’s according to bestselling author John C. Maxwell. He’s right. Having helped successful Clutter Clearers for over 20 years, those who succeed the quickest and easiest are those who are able to get into a daily routine that they follow consistently while they are on their Journey, thus ensuring those routines are new automatic daily habits by the time they complete their Journey.

Here are 7 things that successful clutter clearers do as part of their daily routine to help them succeed.

1. Regular Rise and Shine Time

Successful Clutter Clearers get up at the same time every day – including their days off. The most Successful Clutter Clearers are awake by 6am so they have at least one hour of calm before they start their day, to manage their anxiety, overwhelm and focus on their priorities for their day.

Research by Harvard University biologist Christoph Randler found that people who get up early tend to be more proactive because they’ve been able to manage their energy levels and have quality ‘me time’ before consciously and proactively starting their day. They also tend to have a more positive mindset.

2. Digital Free Zone

Successful Clutter Clearers don’t reach for their digital device first thing in their morning. You’re not going to get that calm start to your day if you’re scrolling endlessly over breakfast, seeing endless negative headlines online, or watching TV or videos about things that are happening in the world that are beyond your control. Instead, you’ll start your day feeling anxious about things you can’t control or influence.

Your start to the day should be focused on YOU and YOUR priorities for the day ahead, not other people’s that you can’t control and don’t benefit YOUR priorities.

Successful Clutter Clearers don’t sleep with their digital devices on their beside tables / nightstands. If you have loved ones who might need to contact you during the night (although when was the last time that actually happened?), put your digital device on the other side of your bedroom, so you’re not tempted to scroll while in bed.

If the thought of doing that triggers anxiety, then put blocks on your digital device so you can’t go on certain websites or apps for the first hour or two of your day. It may trigger anxiety to start with, but after three months it will be a new automatic habit NOT to go on your digital device first thing in the morning.

The most Success Clutter Clearers manage their digital device usage – just as you would a child’s digital usage (I hope!) Instead, they have ten minutes of uninterrupted digital time as a reward for doing the first thing that is on their weekly planner each day.

3. Affirmations

Instead of reaching for a digital device first thing in the morning, Successful Clutter Clearers reach for their affirmations which are focused on what their Best Life is going to look like when they are clutter free. Affirmations are ideal for that calm start to the day to help manage your overwhelm and focus on your priorities, because they’re reminding you of what is important and priority for YOU. In that calm time of the day, when there’s less noise outside and the world is still sleeping, your brain can more easily ‘hear’ and process your affirmations. 

4. Through Time

We know that we are predominately in-time. That means we’re impulsive, living in the here and now, and get quickly and easily distracted. However, to successfully clear our clutter we need to spend some of our day being through-time and plan ahead.

We do that on Day 1 of each and every Clutter Clearing week by doing our weekly planner, to help reduce the number of decisions we need to make on a daily basis. However, that’s pointless if we’re not actually using or following our weekly planner.

Successful Clutter Clearers start their day by spending just a few minutes of that calm time being through-time, looking at their weekly planner, reminding themselves of what they NEED to do, what’s going to help them take action towards achieving their Best Life that they just reminded themselves about by reading or listening to their affirmations. Looking at your weekly planner also helps you protect your boundaries during the day.

5. Take Action

Successful Clutter Clearers will start their day by spending at least one hour working on their Clutter Clearing Journey first, while they are still in the digital free zone, calm, and focused on their priorities, goals and needs as a result of reading their affirmations and looking at their Weekly Planner.

The sense of satisfaction and feeling productive all by mid-morning helps maintain the positive and proactive mindset that started with the calm start to their day.

6. Practice Regular Self Care

We’re not talking weekends away or holidays. We’re talking about our small, daily, non-accumulation rewards for following our weekly planner. We’re talking about thirty minutes three times a week of quiet time reading, walking in nature, taking a long bath for no other reason that self-care is important. Indeed, having a regular rise and shine time and the first hour of your day to yourself is a form of self-care. In addition to the regular thirty minutes three times a week self-care, it’s also important to practice regular self-care in the form of a minimum of one week of holiday / vacation time. This doesn’t have to literally be a holiday / vacation. It’s a holiday / vacation from your Clutter Clearing Journey, at least every 6 weeks. If you are a Group or Private Journey Member then this is easy to do as we follow the Clutter Clearing Term Time Calendar.

7. Regular Sleep Routine

A regular sleep routine isn’t just about what time you go to sleep. It’s also about what you do before you turn out the light. Successful Clutter Clearers have a routine that essentially reverses their morning routine to help calm any anxiety or overwhelm they may have. They start by looking at their weekly planner to cross off everything they’ve done. They also remind themselves what they have planned for tomorrow. Next, they replace affirmations with capturing their Successes and Gratitude’s in their Journal, which is easy to remember because they’ve just looked at their weekly planner. For the last hour before they turn their light out to go to sleep, they switch off digital devices and then they might read, spend time with partners or pets, listen to relaxing music, meditate, do some yoga,  have a bath.

Most Clutter Clearers resist the routine of doing these seven things, however try following them for one Clutter Clearing Term and see what difference they make to your success.

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

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