Social Gathering Survey Results – Waste

Question 1: Is it YOUR fear of waste or do you think you’ve inherited it from someone else?

1st place:  Inherited

Question 2: You now know that there are 7 different types of waste in relation to our Clutter. Which do you think is most often related to your fear of waste?

1st place:

  • Financial
  • Resource / Environment

Question 3: You now know about the Waste Scales. Do you think you have focused more on THINGS (‘should do with it’) or TIME (‘could do with my time’) when making decisions?

1st place: Time / Could do with my time

Question 4: Which top tip do you think you’ll TRY over the coming weeks when you worry about wasting things in your clutter?

1st place: Try to change my language from waste / get rid of / trash to ‘LET GO OF’

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