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Clare Baker, former clutterholic and founder of has done extensive local and national radio interviews and discussions on the topic of clutter since setting up Clutter Clearing in 2001.


Clare is available for both telephone and face-to-face interviews. She is able to travel if required for extended features on the topic of clutter.

Clare is happy to do live links from BBC Oxford (her local BBC radio station for BBC radio stations), and to travel to radio stations outside the Oxford, Northampton, Warickshire area for features involving discussions and phone-ins that last a minimum of 30 minutes (to justify the travel time and cost).


Clare has appeared on BBC Breakfast in 2016 talking about the issue of clutter in relation to self-storage units.

Clare is happy to contribute to any TV features about the issue of clutter.

Clare is also happy to consult and advise on any TV programmes that seriously address and explore the issues of clutter and hoarding. 

Please do not contact Clare if you are looking for case studies for TV programmes.


Clare will not contact her clients, members or enquries to see if they wish to be on a TV programme. They have contacted Clare becuase they are interested in the way that Clare works, therefore unless the TV programme was exclusively about the way that Clare works to help hoarders and clutterholics, it would be inappropriate for them to appear on any other programme.

Contact Clare Baker on:01295 275030 or email: 


About is a coaching business that supports people at a practical level to achieve a permanently clutter free and organised home. It was set up by Clare Baker a former clutterholic, in 2001 to help people who want to declutter and get organised FOREVER, without the need to have someone else do it for them.

Clare Baker set up the business as a result of having her own Clutter Challenge and being unable to find help that taught her the skill of HOW to clear her clutter and make decisions so that she could learn how to clear her backlog of clutter and, more importantly, stay clutter free FOREVER. helps people throughout the UK – and also has clients across the world.

Visit for more information. 

Contact Clare Baker on 01295 275030 or

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