7 Reasons why the Clutter Grows Back – and Solutions


Reason 1: You are accumulating more than you need or use


Update your stock list on every Day 1 of your Clutter Clearing Routine Week and plan your meals. Accumulate only what you need to live your Best Life

Reason 2: You are continuing to impulse buy things that you can justify e.g. telling yourself they’re for ‘when’ you’ve cleared your clutter


Add images of the things you want for your imagined Clutter Free Home on your Worksheet 7’s / Motivational Mood boards. You can then get them as a REWARD when you NEED them when you’ve cleared that area or room

Reason 3: You are not being realistic with your decision making.


Focus on letting go based on making balanced, realistic decisions using all your decision making tools. Unless you let go of more than you accumulate and keep, you won’t clear your clutter or stay clutter free.

Reason 4: Even if you are letting go of more than you are accumulating, someone else in your home is accumulating more than you are letting go of.


Talk to others in your home about why they think the clutter keeps growing back. Look at bank statements if you need to establish the source (and financial cost) of the unnecessary accumulation

Reason 5: (On the decent of Step 4 and beyond) You are not doing your daily visual check-in’s EVERY SINGLE DAY

Your daily visual check-ins need to become a new automatic habit because they’re essential to make sure the clutter doesn’t grow back.


Make them part of your morning / evening routine every day to ensure they become the new automatic habit they need to be by the time you finish your Journey

Reason 6: (On Step 4 and beyond) You are not meeting the needs of your Inner Child / Adult Self that you learnt about on Step 3


Check-in with your Inner Child / Adult Self regularly and update your rewards, Worksheet 7’s, and LIFE Timeline accordingly

Reason 7: You, or someone you live with, is sabotaging you


Talk to a therapist / counsellor to find out why.

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

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