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The Clutter Clearing Comfort Zone Concept helps explain why the blitz’s don’t work, and understand what we need to do to clear our clutter.

The concept is based around 3 circles, one inside the other. 

The middle circle (white) represents our comfort zone, or where we are now. In there we feel safe but there’s no change and it’s cluttered. If we want to clear our clutter we have to step outside our comfort zone. 

When we decide to have a blitz and try to clear our clutter as quickly as possible, it’s the equivalent of coming out of our comfort zone at 100mph. We’re determined to clear it as quickly as possible.

We come out of our comfort zone so fast we end up in the panic zone (blue) which is painfully uncomfortable, feels incredibly unsafe and is like standing on hot coals.

We feel overwhelmed in the panic zone, it’s all too difficult, we get exhausted fast, feel stressed and it’s all too much. So, we run back to our safe comfort zone as fast as we came out of it. In other words, we give up.

To successfully clear our clutter forever we need to leave our comfort zone one small step at a time and move slowly into the learning and change zone that’s just outside our comfort zone. In the learning and change zone it’s like standing on warm sand.

By edging out slowly we’re never too far away from our comfort zone. We can slowly and steadily build our confidence that it’s safe outside our comfort zone. We can learn and change, slowly and steadily. We’re able to adapt and change slowly and safely over time and avoid ending up in the panic zone like we have before. If you’re ready to step outside your Comfort Zone into the Learning and Change zone it’s time to start your Clutter Clearing Journey:

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