I Don’t Need To Understand Why I Have My Clutter




If only this were true. If only we could dive in the deep end – or start in our biggest, must cluttered room or area – and ‘just’ clear it once and for all.

I suspect you’ve already tried that once or twice already. Are you clutter free Forever as a result?

As much as we resist looking back and learning from the past because – having decided to clear our clutter –  we’re only focused on the future, we will never be able to clear our clutter or stay clutter free Forever without understanding our WHY.

There are 7 reasons why it’s a myth that you don’t need to understand why you have your clutter, you just need to clear it.

1. Your Clutter is Like a Weed

Weeds are undesirable plants. They grow vigorously, seemingly out of nowhere and often over-night in places and spaces you don’t want them.

As all gardeners know, if you don’t get out the roots of the weeds – the bits you can’t see and are usually hard to get to – they will just grow back, often bigger, stronger, and in even more places that before.

Your ‘Why’ is the root of the clutter weed. It’s dangerous and has the power to unleash  more damage than your visible physical clutter because you don’t even see it. It’s the unknown enemy that has the advantage of surprise in the future.

Consequently, even if you have a blitz and manage to clear your clutter by being ruthless with your decision making, the root of your clutter – your ‘Why’ – will always continue growing and spreading. The clutter will always grow back, and you’ll never be able to get rid of it because you don’t even acknowledge, much less understand that there is a hidden root – your ‘Why’.

Yes – it takes more time, energy, effort and money to get the help you need to deal with the roots. However, if you count up how much time, energy, effort and money you’ve spent over the years trying to clear the weeds and ignoring the roots, it adds up to more time, energy effort and money than it will take you to deal with the clutter root by understanding your ’Why’.

2. Your ‘Why’ is Unique

No two people’s clutter is the same, because it’s the result of a unique combination of life experiences that you respond to in your own unique way. The same life experiences that cause one person to struggle with clutter may not lead another person to have the same visible symptom of physical clutter.

It’s because our life experiences are so unique and personal that we have to understand and make sense of our ‘Why’ ourselves.

Only you can understand your unique ‘Why’ by putting in the time, energy and effort to go to some potentially uncomfortable places, memories and emotions in your past. Only when we feel a bit uncomfortable are we in the learning and change zone, which is where we need to be if we want to clear our clutter Forever.

3. It’s Not Just Physical

You know that your clutter is more than just the physical things that you see. They are simply the physical evidence of mental and emotional clutter that’s going on inside.

Your clutter is a physical coping mechanism for the mental and emotional clutter that it’s struggling – or actively avoiding – facing, processing and learning how to deal with in a more appropriate way.

For many of us, our clutter represents a coping mechanism we learnt in childhood when we had less experiences and fewer choices about what coping mechanisms to use.

There is more than one coping mechanism for the uncomfortable feelings, memories and emotions we experience in life. Unless you are prepared to put in the time, energy and effort to understand your ‘Why’ of your coping mechanism that leads to your clutter, that  you may have learnt and may have worked for you when you were a child, you will never learn a more appropriate coping mechanism to use as an adult.


4. The Wrong Decision Making Fuel

If you don’t put in the time, energy and effort to understand your ‘Why’, you will struggle to make balanced, realistic decisions, regardless of how many tools you have to make them.

The decision making tools you gather on your Journey only work with the right fuel – your ‘Why’.

You only know what the right fuel is for any given decision when you’ve taken the time, energy and effort to find out what your unique ‘Why’ is.

If you haven’t understood your ‘Why’ at a deep level on Step 1 of your Journey, it’s be like putting diesel in a petrol engine, and consequently you’ll never be able to make balanced, realistic decisions when you start clearing your physical clutter.

5. Clutter Clearing 80:20 Rule

Successfully clearing your clutter requires you to follow the Clutter Clearing 80:20 rule.

When you put 80% of your time, energy and effort into understanding your ‘Why’ on Step 1 of your Clutter Clearing Journey, you’ll be able to clear your clutter in 20% of the time it would otherwise take.

If you ignore your ‘Why’ you’ll only ever clear 20% of your clutter.

If you doubt that, just reflect on how successful your previous attempts to declutter have been. Have you ever successfully cleared more than 20%?

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

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