Refresh your Motivation!

Refresh your Motivation!

Pick one of the following four Motivational Tools and commit to consciously using it for the next sixty days to refresh you Motivation this Spring.


Refresh your Rewards.

If we keep giving ourselves the same rewards, we can either get bored with them or they just become part of our routine and don’t help our motivation.

Remember: Rewards MUST be something enjoyable that we connect to the Clutter Clearing we did ON THE SAME DAY. You wouldn’t give your child or pet a reward several days later – they wouldn’t understand that it was connected to something positive they did several days before. You MUST give yourself your reward BEFORE you go to sleep on the same day that you do your Clutter Clearing Session.

Having a list of a dozen small rewards that you can give yourself (not buy!) for doing a Clutter Clearing Session, a list of a dozen medium rewards that you can give yourself for completing a Clutter Clearing Week of your Journey, and a list of a dozen large rewards that you can give yourself for reaching a peak or completing a step of your Journey will then give you an easy way to choose what to give yourself as a reward when you have ‘Done the Doing’.


Use your Success / Gratitude Journal

Probably the quickest and easiest motivational tool proven to help your brain acknowledge your achievements and focus on the positives in your life in general, your Success / Gratitude Journal is a valuable motivational tool. 

It’s not a journal of thoughts or feelings. It’s a daily journal to capture specific daily positives relating to our Clutter Clearing and life in general so our brain can focus on positives. 

Make it part of your daily routine to take 5 minutes at the end of the day to simply capture your successses and gratitudes. Put a daily reminder on your mobile / cell phone so you can give yourself a daily hit of the feel good hormone dopamine, and so you have something to look back on when you have a bad day or tough week so you don’t give up.


Update your Motivational Mood Board

A motivational mood board is simply a collection of visual images that represent our actions, goals and rewards in relation to our Clutter Clearing and trigger a strongly positive emotional response to help us get – and stay – motivated.

For example, if your clutter free goal is to have friends and family in your home, a photo of specific friends and family on your motivational mood board and an image from the internet of a clutter free sofa/couch, will help motivate you to keep making the time to ‘Do the Doing’. Either print out the images, choose a favourite one to have as a screen saver or create a digital photo frame with them on.


Use Affirmations

Affirmations are simply positive statements that we either read out aloud or record ourselves saying as an audio file and listen to them daily to help us get focused and motivated on the actions, goals and rewards relating to our Clutter Clearing.

e.g. I am successfully making time 5 days a week for my Clutter Clearing Journey and I’m enjoying it.

They don’t have to be true – yet. Simply by saying them out loud or listening to them every day as if they are already true, they act like an instruction to your subconscious brain to work out what to do.

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