NEW! Weekly Wednesday Group Clutter Clearing Sessions

Weekly Wednesday Group Clutter Clearing Sessions

Do you Struggle to get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’? Would you prefer to ‘Do the Doing’ with others? Would you like to be able to ask Clare your questions and get answers as quickly as possible both before and after you’ve ‘Done the Doing’?

Then consider joining the NEW Weekly Wednesday Group Clutter Clearing Session that is available to all Group Journey Members.

Clare has been helping people ‘Do the Doing’ without the need for an expensive home visit for over 20 years with her Private Clutter Clearing Sessions (formerly Split Accountability Calls), and this year she decided to trial LIVE Group Clutter Clearing Sessions with her Success Club 2022 members to see if they worked as a group. 

And they did! Here’s how they work.

Everyone meets online using a unique zoom link on the same day and at the same time each week during the Clutter Clearing term. 

The Clutter Clearing Session is 3 hours long, but we don’t spend all that time on zoom! 

We spend the first 30 minutes sharing how we’ve got on since the last Group Clutter Clearing Session, we celebrate our successes together, share any lightbulb moments, and anyone can ask Clare for her advice if they’ve had any particular challenges or need any advice ahead of the session they’re about to do.

We also share what rewards we’re going to give ourselves at the end of our Clutter Clearing Session that day. This not only helps us to get ideas and keep our rewards ‘fresh’, it also reminds us that it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the significant success that we are ‘Doing the Doing’ and most importantly breaking our ‘Giving Up’ habit.

Finally, we share what Journey videos we’re going to be watching and working on during the Clutter Clearing Session – which Step we’re on, which week we’re on and which day. This helps us to get focused before ‘Doing the Doing’ and reminds us that we’re not doing our Clutter Clearing alone.

Knowing there’s someone else who is behind us, ahead of us or alongside us as we ‘Do the Doing’, and that they’re doing it the same way as us is a great comfort and support.

When we’ve all shared what we’re focusing on we then spend the next 2 hours watching and following our Clutter Clearing Journey videos on our own, simply doing whatever is next on our Journey.

I know that if I’d been trying to do this on my own, I’d have given up by now.  

Weekly Wednesdays have got me through so many bad days and tough weeks.

Just seeing familiar, friendly faces helps put me in the right spirit to ‘Do the Doing’.

Christine, Success Club 2022

There’s no rush. 

You go at a pace that’s comfortable for YOU. 

If you can only manage to watch and follow a couple of videos before you’re mentally or physically tired then that’s OK. 

The important thing is you’re doing something positive in relation to your Clutter Clearing rather than doing nothing. People soon build up their stamina and find, by the end of term, they can do more of their Journey videos in the 2 hours compared to when they started.

2 hours later we come back on zoom and share how we’ve got on and what we’ve learnt or realised. We celebrate our successes, our lightbulb moments, and share any challenges. This is when Clare answers any questions people have about what they’ve learnt or done. If anything in the videos didn’t make sense or you want to check or clarify anything, now’s your chance because you’ll get an instant, LIVE answer from Clare.

By the end of the LIVE Group Clutter Clearing Session everyone is feeling positive and motivated. Even if people are having a bad day at the start, or feeling resistance to ‘Doing the Doing’, the support and understanding you get from joining the Group means that by the end you’re feeling positive, supported and most importantly – successful.

They are a great way to get the help and support you need to get into a routine of ‘Doing the Doing’. Knowing that you’re doing your Clutter Clearing at the same time as others and being able to share your successes quickly after you’ve achieved them makes a huge difference – especially if you’re having a bad day, tough week and feel like giving up.

The Success Club 2022 members have been doing 2 LIVE Clutter Clearing Sessions a week together and as a result they’ve got into a routine, build up momentum and maintained their motivation – together. They’ve got each other through the bad days and tough weeks when their ‘Giving Up’ habit and resistance has fought back hard (!), and as a result they’re all succeeding with their Clutter Clearing.

It’s because the Success Club 2022 Members have done so well on their Journey with the weekly LIVE Group Clutter Clearing Sessions that Clare has decided to include 1 Weekly LIVE Group Clutter Clearing Session with Group Journey Membership.

The Weekly Wednesday Group Session will be included in Group Journey Membership from the start of the Summer Term as follows:




5pm – 8pm UK time

12noon – 3pm ET

9am – 12noon PT

To find out more about becoming a Group Journey Member visit:

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