To Persist or Resist – that is the Question

We’re all experts at procrastinating and avoiding our Clutter Clearing. That’s why we have a Clutter Challenge!

So how do you know if you’re just overwhelmed, resisting, avoiding or genuinely need to rest and practice self-care? How can you tell if it’s just your procrastination and avoidance habits?

If we already struggle with anxiety, depression or chronic pain it can be even harder to tell the difference. Plus, if we have a habit of procrastinating or avoiding certain tasks, we may tell ourselves (and others) we’re practicing ‘Self Care’ – when in fact it’s just another way to procrastinate and avoid.

So how do you know whether you need to push yourself a little to get started, just do a little, or genuinely need to practice self-care? 

A Psychologist called Ellen Hendriksen, PH.D recommends asking yourself 4 questions to find out.

Question 1: Is this the rule or the exception?

For example, pain is usually a sign your body sends you to slow down and rest. However, if pain is part of your everyday life due to a medical condition, too much rest can make you feel worse. So, pushing yourself a little can actually help – as long as you’re careful. In some situations, it can actually improve your stamina and energy rather than drain it. 

Hendriksen makes the same analogy with mood. If you had an event that triggered an acute emotional response, then rest and recharge. However, if your low mood or anxiety has lasted throughout the winter for example, or you always back out before meeting up with a particular friend, it’s probably better to push on through the resistance.

Question 2: Have I enjoyed this before?

Check your past experiences to gather the learning and feedback. In relation to your Clutter Clearing, has ‘Doing the Doing’ made you feel at an 8 to 10 on your Clutter Control Scale in the past?  Are you usually glad you did some Clutter Clearing when you finished the session?  Have you captured doing your Clutter Clearing in your Success /Gratitude Journal before? If you previously enjoyed something you’re contemplating NOT doing this time and you’ve usually felt better as a result, then push yourself to do it – even if you just do it for 5 minutes.

Question 3: Can I picture myself there?

As you contemplate NOT doing some Clutter Clearing, either close your eyes and imagine you’re at your Clutter Free Goal or look at your Motivational Mood Board, read your affirmations or look at your Success / Gratitude Journal.

Focus on the positives and imagine your life when you’re Clutter Free. Focus on one specific thing that will be easier to do, make you happier etc once you’ve cleared your clutter. Once you’ve pictured it and focused on that one specific thing, if your head, heart and gut still say ‘no’ to ‘Doing the Doing’, your reluctance is probably genuine and it’s best to rest.

Question 4: Is this in line with my values? 

Is clearing your clutter important to YOU? In the Clutter Clearing World we would ask – is your Clutter Clearing Goal worth your time, energy and effort? Would just 5 minutes of Clutter Clearing enable you to get closer to living your best life?

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