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It’s been scientifically proven that it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds for your brain to refocus and ‘get back in the zone’ after an interruption or distraction. 

It makes no difference whether the interruption or distraction is a sound you hear, something you see, or something you or someone else does, and the interruption or distraction need only be a millisecond in length to interrupt and distract your brain e.g. the sound of your mobile/cell phone/computer pinging. Low volume music (not talking) is OK, but make sure it’s low volume.

How Does This Relate to our Clutter Clearing?

Interruptions and distractions during your Clutter Clearing Sessions will mean it takes you longer to complete your Journey which delays you becoming Clutter Free Forever.

If you allow yourself to get interrupted or distracted just once every time you do a Clutter Clearing Session, that 23 minute and 15 second lost time equates to:

  • a loss of 2 ½ hours of focused and productive Clutter Clearing time every week – i.e. one Clutter Clearing Session. 
  • a loss of 11 Clutter Clearing Sessions – more than 2 weeks progress – on each step of the Journey.
  • a loss of 14 weeks (or more than 3 months) over all 7 steps of your Journey…..

…..just because of one interruption or distraction that resulted from not protecting your time and/or boundaries.

It also explains why Clare’s private clients complete their Journey the fastest – because Clare helps them protect their time and boundaries during their 2 hour sessions.

Find out more about the Clutter Clearing 7 Step Journey here: https://www.clutterclearing.net/7-step-journey/

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