Social Gathering Survey Results – Clothes Clutter

Question 1: Do you have clothes clutter amongst your clutter?

100% – Yes

Question 2: You’ve learnt about the ‘Frequency Value’ of our clothes i.e. what the item of clothing cost divided by the number of times you’ve worn it. When making decisions, do you normally decide to KEEP things because you haven’t worn it much rather than it suggesting you should let go?

I normally decide to LET GO of things because I haven’t worn it much

Question 3: Do you think having your colours and image done – perhaps as a reward for completing a Step of your Journey or clearing a particular room – might help you make more REALISTIC decisions about your clothes clutter?

1st place: Yes

Question 4: Which of the top tips are you going to TRY to apply to your clothes clutter?

1st place:  Think more about the fact I’m WASTING clothes I don’t wear

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