Social Gathering Survey Results – Resistance

Survey 1 – Resistance

Q1: Have you experienced resistance to ‘doing the doing’ since the start of the term?

1st place: 83.33%Yes

Q2: What do you think is YOUR most common sign that you’re resisting the change that will result from clearing your clutter?

1st place: 25%Procrastination – finding other things that are ‘more important’.

Q3: What do you think is the FEAR that is driving your resistance?

Joint 1st Place: 33%Fear of not doing it perfectly (according to who?)

Joint 1st Place: 33%Fear of regret – for not doing that activity, reading that book, wearing that item of clothing, making x,y,z

Survey 2 – Regret

Q1: Have you experienced regret when you’ve been making decisions about things in your clutter?

1st Place: 100%Yes

Q2: What was it that you regretted?

Joint 1st Place: 18%Not using / reading / wearing something I bought

Joint 1st Place: 18%Spending

Q3: When you feel regret when making a decision about the things in your clutter, how long does it usually last?

Joint 1st Place: 27% – I usually put things in the ‘keep’ pile to deal with the regret (although I don’t of course, I’m just avoiding the uncomfortable feeling when I do that)

Joint 1st Place: 27% – I put things in the ‘not sure’ category so that when I do my not sure check-ins the regret slowly decreases over a couple of weeks

Survey 3 – Forgiveness

Q1: When you’ve done some Clutter Clearing in the past, have you ever struggled to make a REALISTIC decision about something because you can’t forgive yourself for the regret you feel about not using it or doing something with it?

1st Place: 100% Yes

Q2: What do you think is the most common EMOTION that you’ve experienced that tells you that you’ve struggled to forgive yourself for your past decisions? i.e. what you feel when you’re trying to make decisions about your clutter

Joint 1st Place: 25% – Blame – for making the wrong decision and I can’t forgive myself

Joint 1st Place: 25% – Resentment that I have to accept the reality that I don’t NEED to keep x,y,z

Struggling with Resistance?

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