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On 17th June Sue reached the peak of Step 4 of her Journey.

This means she has completely cleared her clutter in at least 1 room or area of her home.

By the time Sue reached the peak she had completely cleared her hallway.

Sue’s stats are:

  • It took her 8 weeks to climb Step 4 due to the amount of paperwork clutter she found in her hallway
  • Reduced her e-mail inbox by 72%
  • Reduced her average daily accumulation of e-mails from 34 in Step 1 down to 6 by the peak
  • In her weekly Paperwork Clutter Clearing Session she is averaging 64% of what she categorises and sorts coming OFF her conveyor belt
  • She has had 9 trees planted in her name with the Paperwork Reward Challenge because she has shredded over 45 black sacks of paperwork clutter – so far!
  • Between the weekly shopping challenge, having unsubscribed from e-mails and using ‘stayfocused’ to limit her Facebook time each day (both of which made her impulse buy), she is saving MORE money each month than the cost of her Private Journey membership
  • She is now saving towards a Clutter Free Goal Reward of having her garden landscaped
  • Sue’s reward for reaching the peak has been to buy a long mirror to reflect the light around her hallway and to use when getting ready to go out.

Sue shares:

‘I’ve been so close to giving up so many times. Giving up is a hard habit to break, and Mount Everest is TOUGH! I don’t think I’d have been able to keep going without my Private Accountability Calls with Clare. I know from Step 1 I self-sabotage, and resistance and the gremlins have been constant.

I can see now that there are so many reasons why I failed to clear my clutter on my own. I didn’t know how to make decisions, I certainly never made regular time to work on it because I always failed. I was a true blitzer! To be honest, I don’t think I’ve really properly allowed myself to think about my clutter free life precisely because I’ve failed so often in the past. I’m scared to dream because until now I didn’t really believe I COULD clear my clutter on my own. I’m going to spend a bit more time working on my Clutter Free Goal now I know I CAN clear it!

I found it hard to accept starting in the smallest area, I wanted to start on my main room. But I can see now that Clare’s right to start there. Even though I’ve only cleared my hallway which is the smallest area in my home and it took 8 weeks, it’s made a huge difference. When I come in I can see the floor, no clutter at all, and my new mirror twinkles – it’s as if it’s saying welcome and well done! I’m now using the space to do my general backlog Clutter Clearing sessions because I can now spread out a bit.

Next is the landing upstairs which I know has lots of clothes on the banister and hidden bags of clothes. I’m expecting to find lots of clothes I’ve bought that still have the labels on and although I expect I’ll feel guilty about not wearing them or even taking them out the bag, I’m starting to be OK with what I’m realising about who I was. I know my thinking has changed for the better on my Journey.

A lot of my Journey so far has been about learning to be kind to myself. My LIFE timeline didn’t have many people being kind to me. So I’m choosing a different way to be kind to myself which doesn’t involve buying things.

The Journey’s tough – but worth it.

Find out more about the Clutter Clearing Journey that Sue is on here:

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