Social Gathering Survey Results – Making Time

Question 1: Do you struggle to make time to do your Clutter Clearing?

  • 50% – YES
  • 33% – Sometimes

Question 2: Do you struggle to accept that you only have 168 hours in a week and you have to prioritise what you do with those hours?

  • 67% – Sometimes

Question 3: Do you prioritise things you WANT to do over the things you NEED to do to achieve your life goals?

  • 83% – Sometimes

Question 4: Which of the 7 most common reasons why people struggle to make time for their Clutter Clearing have you experienced?

  • 67% – I don’t track or plan my time or have a routine
  • 50% – I allow myself to get easily distracted

Question 5: Do you have a conscious or sub-conscious ‘switch off’ time in the evening when it’s time for you to do non-goal focused things?

  • 67% – Yes

Question 6: Which of the top tips are you going to TRY this term so you make time for your weekly goal?

  • 50% – Get a clearer Clutter Free Goal so I WANT to make time
  • 50% – Start protecting my boundaries
  • 50% – Learn to say NRN (Not Right Now)
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