10 Signs You’re Self Sabotaging


  1. You procrastinate. You tell yourself and others that there are reasons why you’ve done very little / nothing for more than 2 weeks. You start to slow down your Journey. You go from being a  Powerful Elephant to a Steady Turtle or Successful Snail, or a Steady Turtle to a Successful Snail
  2. You stop accumulating clutter, or clear areas and rooms, and then allow the clutter to start growing back because you don’t do the shopping challenge or your daily visual check-ins
  3. You start to prioritise your time helping other people or doing ‘fun’ things at the expense of making progress on your Journey
  4. You skip videos, don’t do the exercises etc because you think they don’t apply to you or because you think you’ve done them ‘enough’
  5. You don’t do your weekly planner consistently, follow your weekly planner, and / or protect your Journey time
  6. Step 5 onwards: You let go of less than 75% of your clutter during your Clutter Clearing Sessions
  7. You STILL make decisions based on the past instead of your Best Life in the present and future, and you STILL try to make the ‘perfect’ decision
  8. You focus on how long you’ve been on your Journey, not how much positive progress you’ve made or by noticing what’s different NOW compared to when you started your Journey
  9. You won’t get the help of a therapist to find out what fear is driving your self-sabotage
  10. You stop doing your Success / Gratitude Journal, giving yourself rewards for ‘doing the doing’, or practicing self care regularly

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

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