Time For Feedback and Learning

According to the media, as we start to loosen pandemic restrictions, we’re either entering a ‘new normal’ or seeing a ‘return to normal’.

If you take a moment to think about that, it doesn’t actually make any sense. What they’re actually referring to is nothing more than the past, present and future.

The ‘return to normal’ is the past and our cluttered comfort zone.

The ‘new normal’ is simply the future which involves some change if we want to clear our clutter.

We’ve always had to accept that the past is gone, it can’t be changed, and that the future will be different to the past or the present. So why should that be any different just because of the pandemic?

FYI – be careful when you point this out to anyone because the media have done a very good job at generating anxiety about the ‘return to normal’ and the fear of the changes that the ‘new normal’ might lead to. They don’t like you pointing out that we’ve actually been adapting to a ‘new normal’, otherwise known as the future, our entire lives.

Here’s something else the media isn’t pointing out.

We are – and always have been – in control of what our ‘new normal’ will be, whether we’re in a pandemic or not. What’s different with the pandemic is we get to choose whether we keep the perhaps unexpected positive changes that the pandemic has brought us and let go of the negative things of both the pandemic AND our past.

WE get to define our future without having to explain WHY we’re making – or keeping – the changes to our lives, because if anyone asks we can just say it was the pandemic and people accept that (even if it wasn’t).

For many the pandemic has been a reminder that life is short and to start living life to the full – to stop procrastinating.

For many of us it’s reminded us of how fragile and uncertain life is. It’s made us realise our clutter is holding us back.

As I always say: A person is not remembered for what they were GOING to do.

So let’s learn from the feedback of the pandemic and use it consciously CHOOSE to start living our best life. As so many have found out the hard way, you only get one life, so let’s try to make the next chapter great.

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