Social Gathering Survey Results – Overwhelmed

Question 1: In general, have you felt MORE or LESS overwhelmed since the pandemic began?

  • 67%     More
  • 33%     Less

Question 2: Do you tend to feel overwhelmed in short bursts or for longer periods of time?

  • 67%     Short bursts of minutes or hours
  • 33%     Longer periods of days, weeks and    months

Question 3: Other than your clutter, what do you think triggers your overwhelm most frequently?

1st Place:         Thinking about all the things I need to do

2nd Place:       Unresolved Grief

Question 4: Which of the top tips are you going to TRY to apply?

1st Place:         When I feel overwhelmed, take 5 minutes to identify 1 thing I can do RIGHT NOW

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