Start your 2020

Home Transformation

with the brand new

7 Step Journey

The 7 Step Journey has been developed with a careful balance of

theory, psychology and all new exercises. This Journey will give you all the tools and support you need to understand and successfully clear your clutter and create the home you want, reduce your stress levels, give you more time to focus on and do the things you enjoy. and finally get it off the 'to-do' list. You'll be happier and more comfortable in your home than you've ever been.

7 Steps

10 Modules per step

Theory and exercises videos for each module

Go at your own pace



Deep Understanding

This is not a Journey just about your physical, visible clutter.

You'll be learning about WHY and HOW you have your clutter so that you know what your triggers are and learning how to overcome them, thus ensuring that once you've cleared your backlog clutter you'll be able to prevent it growing back again, which in turn will ensure you only need to Clear your Clutter once.

250+ theory videos over the 7 Steps to help you understand the HOW and WHY of your clutter challenge

Exclusive and only to Journey Members

Includes psychological explanations about why procrastination is NOT about being lazy, why you find it hard to let go of things in your clutter, why you might be sabotaging your clutter, the 12 values in your clutter that you need to consider, and much, much more.......


New, Clearer Focus 

There are 7 Steps. Each one has a clear focus so that you know what you'll achieve each time.

7 Steps

10 Modules per step

Theory and exercises videos for each module

Go at your own pace


Go at your own pace


Start your Clutter Clearing Journey Today

Hundreds of Clutterholics and Hoarders use Clutter Clearing to Successfully Clear their Clutter WITHOUT an expensive home visit.

The all new 7 Step Journey has been designed so that you can take one step at a time on your Journey and fit your Clutter Clearing around your life.


It's been tested by over 100 clutterholics over the last 2 years.


By taking 7 step at a time you'll build your knowledge, confidence and experience slowly and surely, giving you all the information and tools you need to clear your clutter, transform your home and become Clutter Free - Forever.


Are you ready to start your Clutter Clearing Journey NOW?

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