7 Subtle Yet Significant Shifts

Subtle Yet Significant Shifts

When you are on your Clutter Clearing Journey there are seven significant shifts that happen on your way to becoming Clutter Free and are signs that you are going to succeed.

Often, we only notice and acknowledge them because of the shifts in other people’s behaviour towards us. Just like an egg evolves into a butterfly, successfully becoming Clutter Free Forever requires us to change and evolve. Here are the seven significant shifts.

1. Denial to Responsibility

Denial is fear in disguise, and it’s why so many people don’t even try.  Denial makes us believe that there are valid reasons why we are not ‘doing the doing’. We tell ourselves ‘I don’t have enough time’, (Really? You genuinely can’t protect just 1 hour of your day if it enables you to become Clutter Free Forever?) ‘I’m too tired’, ‘It’s too late to get started now’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘I don’t feel motivated’, ‘I can’t concentrate’, ‘It’ll take too long’, ‘It’s not my clutter’ ‘I need to do this first….’ All of these are signs that either it’s not actually la priority for us, or we’re either consciously or subconsciously experiencing emotions, especially fear, that we don’t know how to deal with or manage. The shift to taking responsibility happens when you’re ready to face your fears, stop blaming other people or circumstances and accept that yes, you’ve got a clutter challenge, but you’re ready to move into the learning and change zone which you accept might be uncomfortable. You accept that you need help to move into the learning and change zone safely so you can deal with your clutter. You accept you’ll probably need help to learn how to process and manage the feelings and emotions that you’ve been avoiding for so long with the help of a therapist.

2. Want to Need

The next shift is when becoming Clutter Free changes from a want to a need. A wish or a hope to a SMARTER goal. You don’t just think that clearing your clutter will improve your life, it becomes a necessity. You no longer want to leave this world defined by or remembered for your clutter, and you decide you need to start living your Best Life as soon as possible. It’s this shift that enables you to get through the bad days and tough weeks, to keep going through the resistance that leads to the significant breakthroughs that will help you be more realistic with your decicion making and let go. 

3. Procrastination to Action

When becoming Clutter Free shifts from a want to a need we start prioritising and protecting our Clutter Clearing Journey time. We turn our phones to silent so we can’t be interrupted, and say ‘not right now’ to people so we can prioritise our needs first. We learn how to manage our overwhelm so that we can start ‘doing the doing’. We get the appropriate help, support and accountability we need to succeed. We stop wasting time on things that won’t get us closer to our clutter free goal and Best life.  We stop making  excuses.  We  stop  telling  ourselves  –  and others – that we’ll get started when we’ve done this or that. No more ‘doing the doing’ when you feel like it, when you’ve done what you WANT to do first. You know that if you wait to feel motivated, you’ll never ‘do the doing’. Instead, you make it part of your routine, something that is simply part of your day like getting dressed, brushing your teeth, or eating.

4. Speed to Significance

When you start succeeding, impatience inevitably sets in. For many, that impatience can fuel their procrastination, which means they see little or no progress which makes them even more impatient. When you stop focusing on the speed of your journey and instead the significance, it will transform your success. When you can recognise that you’ve made more progress since you started your Journey than you ever did on your own; when you recognise that you’ve made more progress in one, two or three years on your Journey than you did in the same number of years before you started your Journey; that you’ve already started to experience elements of your Best Life, the speed is no longer an issue. Direction becomes more important than speed.

5. Past to Present and Future

The most significant breakthrough that leads to the most significant success that speeds up your Journey to your Clutter Free Goal and Best Life is when you accept and let go of your past, so you can live in the present and your Best Life future. You realise you don’t need to clear all your clutter to be able to start living elements of your Best Life. The past cannot be changed. You can only influence the present and your future. When you realise you can capture the feelings, memories and emotions of the past so you can access those in the present and your future, without having to keep the physical thing, you set yourself free. You turn your past into chapters of your book of life – not the ending. When you do that, you are able to let go of more things in your clutter and clear your clutter faster.

6. Loss to Gain

As you start doing the doing as part of your daily routine, when you start recognising the resistance as a sign you’re in the learning and change zone where you need to be, you’ll discover that what you used to see as a loss is actually a far greater gain. The time that you ‘lose’ by not doing other things – being on social media, gossiping, watching TV, shopping for things you don’t need or use, people pleasing – none of which I suspect are part of your Best Life vision – enables you to ‘Do the Doing’, take action and have the breakthroughs you need to let go of things in your clutter.

7. Chaos to Calm

Yes, there’s a lot of clutter to clear.  Yes, it’s chaotic and overwhelming right now. Yet notice that you’re not ignoring it, avoiding it or procrastinating this time like you did before you started your Journey. Your focus on your Best Life, the knowledge that taking a little action often is part of your routine now, that you’ve had significant breakthroughs and there’s a shift in you that you can’t quite explain, brings a new sense of calm to you and your clutter. That quiet confidence that you’ve had the breakthroughs and you’re learning – ideally with the help of a therapist or counsellor – how to deal with and manage the emotions triggered by your clutter. It’s OK – you’ve got this.

This isn’t about ‘if’ you’ll become a butterfly anymore, it’s about when.

You can clear your clutter fast, or you can clear your clutter forever, but you can’t clear your clutter forever, fast.

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