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86% of people on their Clutter Clearing Journey are SAVING MORE than their Journey Membership by the end of Step 2

If you’re a ‘normal’ Clutterholic or Hoarder you probably don’t deal with your finances or paperwork regularly, have a budget, or financially plan. 

Lots of Clutteholics and Hoarders decide to go ‘paperless’ for bills thinking it’s helping them reduce the accumulation of paperwork clutter. However, although this may reduce the volume of paperwork, it usually means we’re in even less control of our finances. Checking your account online or via an app on a daily basis only shows you the PAST and the PRESENT. It does not help you plan for the FUTURE.

On Step 2 of the Journey you start doing weekly Paperwork Clutter Clearing Sessions. This is when a lot of people discover they have ‘financial’ clutter – things they’re spending money on that they don’t need or use e.g. magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, insurances, impulse buys, BOGOF etc.

Some people even discover they’re paying much more for things because they didn’t see the e-mail or letter that came in telling them the payment was going up e.g. storage units, credit card interest rates.

When you start doing a weekly Paperwork Clutter Clearing Session in Step 2 you’ll not just clear clutter – your Clutter Clearing will also save you money!

Find out more about the Clutter Clearing 7 Step Journey here: https://www.clutterclearing.net/7-step-journey/

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